$650 Bengal TICA registered female spotted kitten purple collared girl - $650 (Orlando)

Posted on: 12/20/17



Not a scammer, please feel free to call or text me anytime :-) Looking for the perfect kitten to bring home and bring joy into your household, well this little rare Blue Gray Grey spotted (purple collared) girl is quite adorable, ready to go home December 11th, 2017. She is sweet as can be, very intelligent, and undeniably beautiful. Bengals are known for their uncanny personalities that resemble that of a dog yet in cat's clothing... They can be taught to fetch, walk on a leash, play ball, play in water, and just be your best friend... many find that the Bengal is a hypo-allergenic breed allowing for many of the cat lovers with allergies to actually own and enjoy a cat. If you are looking for a for an all around fun, athletic, and beautifully marked cat, than a Bengal may be just what you are looking for... My Bengals resemble more of the classic Bengal, usually heavily spotted with less rosetting, but they wear that distinctive wildcat look that is sure to bring out that kid in all of us desiring to own a wild animal as our very own pet. The plus side to my Bengal's is that you can get the wildcat look with the domesticated cat personality, truly the best of both worlds. Call or text me for any questions that you may have at 863.212.6414 :-) Price reflects pet price and shipping in the United States is available at Buyers expense.

Ad Number: 21149086