SurlyQue Food Truck - 201 E 18th Street Sanford Florida 32771 - Ph 407 702-5271 - (Orlando)

Posted on: 10/01/13


French Fries….simple and hot with any of our sauces on the side. Soup: Chicken Chili Verde with cilantro lime sauce and pico Salads: Chicken with organic greens, roasted tomatoes, charred onions, feta & sunflower seeds Chicken Caesar salad with roasted tomatoes and croutons Dressings: Caesar, Citrus Vinaigrette, Charred Veggie Yogurt Salads can be wraps too The Infidel: Pork shoulder slow smoked then mixed with thai green curry, coconut milk, ginger, garlic and lime. Served with pico, Cilantro and mixed greens on old hearth bakery baguette. Dirty South: Smoked pork Shoulder Served with choice of red bbq sauce, mustard sauce, or Carolina vinegar. Topped with house pickles and sliced onions.. What your Beef!: Big gnarly hunk of beef sentenced to the pit for up to 18 hours. Our patience is rewarded with meat that just melts. We can serve this either as a sandwich or with beans and slaw. We recommend no sauce and some pickles to get that Texas feel. Hot Mess: Triple decker Old Hearth Bakery Sourdough griddled with house made bacon, Cabot farms cheddar and roasted tomatoes. Add smoked pork or chicken $2. Wings of Contention: Rubbed then battered then smoked then fried. Choice of red or mustard bbq. Also we Have the Sauce of Bad judgement! Side Projects: Real from scratch baked beans, killer slaw, red skin potato salad and the above mentioned french fries...that's it. Contact: Ph: (407)702-5271 Address: 201 E 18th Street Sanford, Florida 32771 Website: Hours: Like us on Facebook

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