Financing Partner Needed To Buy Apartment Complex - (Orlando)

Posted on: 01/04/18



I'm negotiating to buy small Apartment complex's and I need an Investor-partner to join me with the Financing ASAP. I'm a Retired carpenter who is quite familiar with "Cost-per-Sq.Ft." analysis on buildings, have an MBA in Business Mgt., and have studied under Lance Edwards, one of the foremost authority's on [Small Apartment Investing to Make Money]. He currently has a very successful Book on Amazon describing his techniques and his Apt. Buying & Flipping successes.The Plan: is to buy a small Apt (4 to 20 Units) for Below-market price and immediately Resell it for a profit. We 'Flip' 3 and keep the 4th one, is the main plan. [Unless my partner decides they want to keep one specifically, we can work that out; but, basically we "Make Profits First" - Proving we can do it, then decide which one we may want to keep for a 'Cash Cow' and Depreciation-Write-offs for taxes]. Risk: There will be little risk as the Investor's position will be secured by a First Trust Deed in his/her name, Title insurance policy on the property, my expertise to manage the deal through our Exit-Plan, and a life-Insurance policy in the event an airplane falls on me B-4 sale of the Apt.The Returns one can expect to earn are close to: 1) 10-35% Cash on Cash Return; 2) 75% Equity Position, secured by a Fist Trust Deed in the financing Partner's name (or his/her LLC); 3) 15-35% annualized Returns [although these projections are based on an annual basis,they are conservative, the Real profits should be Greater as we 'Flip' the first 3 Apt. Complexes within months of our purchase]. Doing them one at a time of course. (*) This is an Ideal investment for anyone with an IRA Account as they can accumulate Fast Profits TAX-FREE as long as they only use IRA funds. (we can discuss this further) As my phone is busy talking to Apt. Brokers and private-Sellers, I would cordially ask you to reply to my Email address first, if interested. After we establish an ongoing-relationship of strong interest, we can trade Phone Numbers of course. Click on the Link this form provides (at Top) to send a msg thru their form to my Email Box. Thank you for your time and consideration. Josh Holliday, Orlando

Ad Number: 21238175